NBES Teacher of the Year Chelsey Radney

North Brooks Elementary School Principal Reggie Lee recently announced that Mrs. Chelsey Radney had been selected by her peers to serve as the 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year.  Mr. Lee said, “Mrs. Radney has all the qualities of a great teacher. She's calm, kind hearted, innovative, and puts the needs of her students first. She's a great team leader and helps spread her passion for students throughout the building.”  A graduate of Valdosta State University, Mrs Radney has been a teacher at North Brooks Elementary for five years. “My reason for becoming a teacher stems from my faith in God and the path that he has called me to. Throughout my childhood, I have always been interested in learning and teaching, playing "teacher" with my brother as a kid. When I was in 5th grade at NBES, I dressed up as a teacher for career day. During this time in elementary school at NBES, there were many teachers that inspired me to be the teacher I am today. Mrs. Houser, my 4th grade teacher at NBES, Mrs. Cain, my elementary music teacher, and Coach Huffmaster, my elementary P.E. teacher inspired my love for teaching. The things that I remember about them were the love that they showed myself and their students, the grace and encouragement that they gave and the positive and engaging classroom environment that they nurtured while they were teaching. These elements that they implemented have inspired me to do the same in my classroom.” stated Radney.  Initially a pre-pharmacy major in college, Radney realized it was not the path for her.  After prayer and fasting, she stepped out in faith and changed her major to Elementary Education. Completing her student teaching for one year in Kindergarten at Moulton Branch Elementary helped prepare her for the job that she soon would take in Kindergarten at NBES.  Radney believes the most rewarding part of teaching is watching her students grow through the school year. “Seeing them in the hallway in another grade and them saying "Hi!" or having them come back and hug you or write you a note is so heartwarming.” said Radney. 

Mr. Lee stated, “Mrs. Radney goes above and beyond daily to help her students learn. Her kindness overflows into her students who in turn consistently demonstrate their respect, responsibility, and compassion.” One of Radney’s favorite teaching memories happened just this year. Radney shared, “One day, as I was completing a reading conference with a student, I realized that the student was using the strategies during their reading that I had taught them during their reading conferences. During that moment, I also looked around my classroom and saw students who were reading independently and reading with a partner and this warmed my heart to know that they were actually reading. I loved having the opportunity to see the love for reading grow in my classroom among my students this year.”

The daughter of Kim and Jamie Sapp, Radney is married to Jeremy. Her hobbies include going to the beach, riding bikes and traveling with her husband. She loves being outdoors but also enjoys painting, baking and crafting. She enjoys going to church and getting together with her family. 

Mrs. Radney will represent North Brooks Elementary School for the 2022-2023 school year as Teacher of the Year and will compete at the district level for the title of Brooks County Schools Teacher of the Year. The BCS Teacher of the Year will be named at the Teacher of the Year banquet hosted in the fall. 

Pictured with Mrs. Radney is Principal Reggie Lee and Assistant Principal Ashlee Gruno. Photo by Jamon Williams