CTAE Graduation Rate

The graduation rate for Georgia students involved in Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) has risen to 97.18 percent in Georgia according to the Georgia Department of Education. For the Class of 2020 at Brooks County High School (BCHS) and Delta Innovative School (DIS), 84 graduates earned a CTAE Pathway Skills Seal which indicated students met the GADOE requirements of completing a CTAE Pathway giving Brooks County Schools Class of 2020 a 98.68% graduation rate of those completing a CTAE pathway. Twenty-five of the students who completed a pathway earned a CTAE Distinguished Pathway Skills Seal for completing a pathway and at least one credit in Work Based Learning and/or having an ASVAB Score of 3+.

Brooks County High School offers CTAE Pathways in Agriculture Mechanic Systems, Forestry/Wildlife Systems, Plant and Landscape Systems, Carpentry, Audio Video Technology and Film, Therapeutic Services/Allied Health and Medicine, Computer Science, Web and Digital Design, and Marketing. Technology Certificates of Credit (TCC) are offered through Wiregrass Technical College on BCHS campus in Patient Care, Cosmetology and Culinary Arts. Delta Innovative School offers CTAE Pathways in Agriculture Mechanics Systems and Financial Services. Students at both BCHS and DIS are eligible for Work Based Learning during the junior and senior year if they have a pathway focus. Currently, fifty seven Brooks County Schools students are currently participating in the BCS Work Based Learning program. The district has partnered with thirty five businesses to give students the opportunity for work experience. 

Connections CTAE courses at Brooks County Middle School in Agriculture, Business & Technology and Computer Science & Engineering Technology prepare students for high school pathways. Brooks County Schools offers Elementary Agriculture at Quitman Elementary School to give a K-12 Agriculture Education experience.

February was National CTAE Month. CTAE delivers real options for college and rewarding careers.  CTAE programs allow students to explore a range of options for their future – inside and outside the classroom. Through CTAE, students can start their path toward a career that they are passionate about while earning valuable experience, college credits and more. Career Pathways are for all students, no matter which path they plan to take. Pathway completers are prepared to pursue higher education, enter the military, accept an apprenticeship opportunity, or immediately begin their career.

CTAE delivers real-world skills. CTAE is a unique opportunity for hands-on learning – putting students at the center of the action.  CTAE provides the skills and confidence students need to pursue career options, discover their passions and get on a path to success. 

CTAE delivers a real high school experience with more value. CTAE programs are a part of high school – students can participate in CTAE and the other activities they enjoy, such as sports, the arts or whatever else their friends are doing.  CTAE takes students even further during their high school experience – providing opportunities for specialized classes, internships, and networking with members of their community. CTAE students in Brooks County can participate in extracurricular clubs called CTSOs. Brooks County Schools CTAE offers FFA, FBLA, DECA, Skills USA, and TSA to students. 

Pictured is a CTAE student from Brooks County High School practicing his welding skills.