Mrs. Sam Harden, Principal

My name is Sam Harden, and I currently serve as the principal of Brooks County Schools Early Learning Center.  I began my educational career in 2001 teaching language rrts to middle school students after a short stint in the news industry.  Over the next seven years I taught reading, language arts, and social students to 6, 7, and 8th grade students.  Then I began teaching video production at the high school level.  I did this for nine years before taking the position of principal at the ELC.  

Being the principal of the Brooks County Schools Early Learning Center is the most rewarding job I have ever had in my career in education.  I have the opportunity to see little people explore new things, meet new people, and discover a great deal about themselves.  I also get the task of helping parents transition their children into their first educational setting.  Watching each child flourish is the utmost goal of our school staff and me.    

My husband and I have two boys, Jaycee and Camden Harden.  We enjoy doing things as a family, especially going to our sons' athletic events.