Delta Innovative School
1081 Barwick Rd
Quitman, GA 31643
Phone: 229.588.2351 
Fax: 229.262.3283

Enrollment: 100

Grades: 6th - 12th Grade

Principal: Lamar Thomas

Academic Coach: Calvin Lucas

Counselor: Tomeisha Williams


Academic Placement:

The Delta Innovative program is designed for students who are in need of a change academically and are in danger of not being successful in regular school settings. Students entering these programs are referred by an administrator. Placement decisions are made based on multiple criteria. Each program is designed so that students are offered the opportunity to complete two grade levels in an academic year. Other students in need of academic help who do not fit the above criteria will be considered on an individual basis. These students should be identified by the “home” school and recommended by the administration from that school. All parent requests must be channeled through the student’s “home” school. Students who have been identified and are currently served by an Individualized Education Plan must be referred by the Director of Special Education.

Placement is made for a minimum of one year. A lengthened period will be determined by the director, and is contingent upon the student’s success in meeting the requirements for exiting the program.

Instruction will be a combination of direct instruction and computer based instruction. There should be a combination of the two on a regular basis. Students will be given an opportunity to also participate in the Georgia Move On When Ready program.

Discipline Placement:

Students coming to Delta Innovative School because of behavioral issues are placed by a disciplinary tribunal or a waiver, according to the Brooks County School System Code of Conduct.

  • Students will be in multi-grade classes, 6-8 and 9-12. Instruction will be primarily computer generated through the Edmentum computer program. Individual and small group instruction will be included as needed and when it is appropriate for the group.

  • Students’ academic and behavioral progress will be monitored by daily / weekly point sheets.

  • Progress reports are sent home to parents on a regular basis.

  • Students may be considered for Not attending School on Friday if:

  1. They have no behavior referrals

  2. 95% attendance

  3. Meet percentage requirements

  4. Other needs determined by teacher