ESSA Equitable Services Notice

Each fall Brooks County Schools Federal Program Director reaches out to all private schools in the geographic boundaries and to all private schools outside of the geographic boundaries who are currently or have historically (based on DE1111 submissions) served students who reside in the district’s school attendance zone.  In Georgia official notification documentation is maintained in the Equitable Services for Private Schools (ES4PS) system. LEAs access ES4PS through their account in the State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS). Private Schools access it through a link in an email sent by individual LEAs to the school. The invitation to attend a meeting to participate in equitable services for the following school year is also sent via hardcopy through the mail as well as the ES4PS tab. When private schools receive this invitation, they should indicate if they ‘Accept’ or do ‘Not Accept’ the invitation. They should also indicate if they plan to participate in equitable services with the LEA. 

The invitation  is used to invite private schools, both within and outside of Brooks County Schools  geographic boundaries to a meeting to discuss participation in Equitable Services for the following programs: 

• Title I, Part A 

• Title I, Part C 

• Title II, Part A 

• Title III, Part A 

• Title IV, Part A 

• Title IV, Part B


This meeting will also include information regarding proportionate share for students with special needs. Private School officials are invited to attend an initial consultation meeting for FY 22 / SY 21-22 that will be held at the J.H. Wells Center at 1081 Barwick Road on December 14th at 9:00 a.m.  Private school officials may access this online survey with their intentions for participation:  Initial Consultation for Private Schools

CARES Act Equitable Services Notification 

As a result of a recent US District Court Decision, the CARES Act methodology for determining private school proportionate share has changed. All LEAs are required by law to reach out to all private schools that serve students who reside in their geographic boundaries, regardless of the private school’s location. In addition, calculations for proportionate share will be based on public school and private school poverty counts from Fall 2018. This applies to the following grants issued in Georgia:

CARES ESSER Formula Grants

CARES SEA Reserve: Equitable Services


          o Extended Day, Extended Year, Young Farmers, Area Teachers


           o Extended Day, Extended Year, Supervision, Youth Apprenticeships

CARES SEA Reserve: Special Education

All CARES grants are intended to offset impacts related to COVID19. If your school is interested in participating in these CARES funds or if you have any additional questions, please contact the LEA CARES Coordinator, Tonja Healey as soon as possible at thealey@brooks.k12.ga.us, (229 - 588-2340 or by completing a short CARES Act Equitable Services Survey by clicking HERE