Determination of Eligibility

Eligibility may be established in one of two ways:

Option A: A student must meet eligibility requirements in both Mental Abilities and Achievement.

  • Mental Ability: 99th percentile (K-2) or 96th percentile (3-12) on a standardized test of mental ability - Composite Score only
  • Achievement: 90th percentile

Option B: A student must meet eligibility requirements in three of the four following areas:

  • Mental Ability: 96th percentile
  • Achievement: 90th percentile
  • Creativity: 90th percentile
  • Motivation: 90th percentile

Transfer Students

  • In-State Transfers: Any student who meets the eligibility criteria for gifted education services in Georgia is considered eligible to receive gifted education services in Brooks County Schools upon verification of records.
  • Out-of-State Transfers: There is no mandated reciprocity between states for gifted eligibility. Outside data will be considered when determining eligibility but does not automatically supplant school-generated data.